Our SPA Executives are experienced in arranging high quality networking at CEO level at Arenas and Forums around the world. Our advisory services cover both the marketing and high-level content perspectives of your events and projects. Our multi-disciplinary team ensures a holistic and value adding perspective on every assignment we undertake.

Seafood Partners Alliance (SPA) Executives bring a wide range of capabilities to deliver your objectives:

  • Broad high level (CEO) international network in the global seafood, fisheries and aquaculture sector.
  • Expertise covering every part of the value chain, from oceans to plate, from farm to fork
  • Our executives are engaged in major sustainability activities.
  • High level experience in the set up and marketing of major events and projects around the world (e.g. NASF, Bergen, Norway)
  • In-depth experience in the setup of strategic international discussion platforms impacting the sector (e.g. Brexit, sustainability)
  • Highly connected to retail developments e.g.:
    • running dedicated retail seminars
    • market research
    • category management projects and training
  • Next generation focus by developing the network for future young leaders (Young leaders’ summits)
  • Broad representation in global international forums, networks and symposiums.
  • Strongly connected to Europe’s most relevant Ports and Fish Auction markets (Scandinavia, NL, France, UK)