Seafood Partners Alliance Association (SPA)
c/o GEMBA Seafood Consulting A/S
Venlighedsvej 6
2970 – Hørsholm
VAT Number: 40 64 30 60

legal position

  • SPA is registered in Denmark as a non-profit association with organizational number.
  • SPA is a non-profit international association for high level seafood advisors.
  • SPA is working for a sustainable development of the global seafood business and its associated areas such as fishery, aquaculture, processing, logistic, trade, retail and politics.
  • SPA is a legal entity and can enter into formal contract of various kinds.
  • SPA is a network helping SPA Partners defining and running projects collaborating with global seafood organisations, companies and persons.


Simon Dwyer — CEO
(+44) 7866 508194

Jens Henrik Moeller — CFO/COO
(+45) 4079 1011