Woochang Choi

– Nationality : Korean
– Date of birth: August 23, 1946
– Education: Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (1969)
– Activities related especially to Saigon international airport, Vietnam. Leading the Passenger Service and assisting with VIP protocol-Union-Vietnam, USA, Thailand, Korea and white Horse Corps-Vietnam, The ROK Army (1970~1972)
– Manager of Overseas Trade Department of Samhwa Chemical MFG. Co., Ltd. subsidiary company of POSCO, orea. (1973~1981)
– Conducted description of turnkey sales for Submersible rig equipment to Hyudai, Daewoo shipyard, Samsung Heavy Ind. contracted interior finish work for construction material for Metro Seoul City Hall.(1981~1986) and Representative in Korea Hydrill Company-GE Oil & Gas (1986 ~ 2019)
– Coordinator for KBS documentary for Salmon & Seawater/fresh water feed industry, Norway, Germany and UK.
– Organized Korean delegates at the fish farm and AquaNor 1997&1999 for Seawater fish /Salmon industry
– President of WOO CHANG CORPORATION (Founded 1986 ~ Present)

I, have worked RAS-Technology for fish seawater & freshwater fish / seafood industry, experience in the fisheries marketing, processing value chain analysis international cooperation on development, impact assessment and governance related to sustainability, share value and growth sector for more than 30 years. Trader and consulting, engineering company for business societies and board plus the offshore industry.

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Chungcheongnam-do, 33196, South Korea
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